Eau de Parfum with essential oils
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Eau de Parfum with essential oils

A new floral fragrance in perfumery : the white coffee flowers fragrance

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Eau de Parfum Emotion Tropicale

A new floral fragrance in perfumery : the white coffee flowers fragrance

EMOTION TROPICALE is a floral, fresh and fruity Eau de Parfum, whose romantic and discreetly sensual fragrance will transport you to far-flung shores and plantations with their fabulous aromas of flowering coffee trees.

Made in Grasse (France), the perfume capital of the world, from a recipe containing 7 Aromatherapy essential oils,  EMOTION TROPICALE  Eau de Parfum invites you on a timeless sensory journey into a tropical world of bountiful biodiversity where, with each southern spring, the plantations are covered with a delicately perfumed snow of white coffee flowers.

  • Its top note, with the refreshing zest of fine citrus, awakens and invigorates the senses.
  • Its heart note is suggestive of carefree islands with their mingled scents of Tiaré Flower, Arabian Jasmine and exotic fruits.
  • Its bottom note evokes a sensual and mysterious blend of vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood.

Eau de Parfum characteristics

  • Sillage               :           light, both subtle and thrilling.
  • Type                   :           women mainly, but not only (all generations)
  • Character           :           Both romantic and sensual

Perfume and essential oils - Which Essential Oils ? - For what benefits ? (*)

  • Citrus aurantium   :  anti-stress, relaxation, harmony
  • Lime                          :  skin tonic
  • Mandarin                  :  Regulating of the nervous system, relaxing
  • Italia lemon              :  Purifying and invigorating
  • Geranium                 :  Regenerating - Relieves stress and fatigue
  • Patchouli                  :  Balancing - Nervous stimulant
  • Virginia cedar         :  Energizing - Tonic and general stimulant

(*) according to specialized documentation

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