BiOléanes vision

The world of BiOléanes

Knowledge passed down from ancient peoples

The wondrous power of plants

Since the dawn of time, from the aboriginal peoples of Melanesia, to the Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians, humans have learned everything there is to know about the natural environments in which they live.

Very early on, they discovered the wondrous power of plants, extracted oils from nuts and seeds, ground bark and gum, mixed them with clays and wax.

They concocted balms and salves to care for and protect their skin.

To embellish their appearance and carry on ancestral rituals, they added plant and mineral colours, invented dyes, blushers and make-up.

The captivating power of scents

As the seasons went by, they gathered flowers and branches, discovered the captivating power of scents, perfumed their skin to enhance their appeal to others, and also to embalm their dead, so that they might carry with them traces of earthly essences on their journey to the great beyond.

Even today, in the hustle and bustle of the modern world, we still yearn for those instants of well-being and harmony, moments of calm when we can discern, like an echo of what has gone before, just a few notes of that gentle song that marks the immutable rhythm of the universe.

From the roots of the tree to the opening of the petals, with BiOléanes, history goes on, ever starting anew, as we strive to create simple, authentic products with respect for people and the environment.

Our Eau de Parfum, with no fewer than seven essential oils

Our luxury beauty soap, with the creamy softness of white clay + organic shea butter

Our scented wax fondants, with 100% natural, sustainably-sourced wax