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How BiOléanes was born…

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From Fragrant Islands

On our many travels across the Indian and Southern Pacific Oceans, from Madagascar to Comoros islands, from New Caledonia to Vanuatu islands, we have always been fascinated by the aromatic intensity of oil and fragrance-based tropical essences. Over time, they gradually came to be fixed in our memory, like unforgettable olfactory postcards.

The warm scent of ylang-ylang takes us back to Nossy-Bé or Mayotte, geranium and vetiver remind us of Bourbon Island (La Réunion), while cinnamon and vanilla conjure up images of Antalaha, on Madagascar’s east coast. The aroma of Coffee Flowers transports us to the luxuriant plantations of New Caledonia, and Tiare Flowers is evocatively reminiscent of the Leeward Islands. And always there’s the gentle fragrance of Frangipani…

We also get the intense aromas that herald the presence of tiny distilleries, hand-crafting scents from sandalwood and niaouli, unearthed among the islands of Melanesia.

So, in reference to the vast richness of the tropical biodiversity from which these superb oils and scents are obtained, we devised the BiOléanes concept which would give its name to our company.

We are now delighted to propose a selection of new cosmetics and home fragrances, always of the highest quality, made from authentic ingredients sourced from tropical biodiversity and with respect for people and the environment.

Presenting our EMOTION TROPICALE range :

Eau de Parfums with 7 aromatherapy essential oils

Scented Soap with pure white clay and organic shea butter

Scented Wax Melts with 100% natural plant-based wax

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